Friends of the Clinical Center 

FOCC is Friends Helping Friends

Check out our "Events" page for more information on
upcoming events and volunteer opportunities !

FOCC provides emergency services to assist patients who are participating

 in research protocols at the Clinical Center.

 FOCC offers patients and their families:

  • Emergency financial aid
  • Money to acquire special equipment to enhance quality of life
  • Other aid on an as needed emergency basis

 FOCC depends on charitable contributions to perform its charitable aid.

 Most of the funds for FOCC are raised through:



                                                      DONOR DESIGNATION #8737

  • Private donations
  • Fundraising events (see events page)
    Corporate gifts
  • Contributions from individuals like you

Donations can be mailed to:


P.O. Box 340139, Bethesda, MD 20827


Use our web site to learn about:

  • FOCC and our charitable mission
  • The services we offer to Clinical Center patients and their families
  • How you can help FOCC help others who are in need of our help