Friends of the Clinical Center 

FOCC is Friends Helping Friends


The Steps to Take to Get Emergency Assistance From FOCC

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

The steps to apply for financial aid from FOCC are simple and straightforward.
To determine if you are eligible to complete and submit the funding application form, you should do the following:

    * Gather all of the bills you are not able to pay or gather other information relevant to your request to FOCC for assistance

    * Contact the Clinical Center social worker who is assigned to your case

    * Tell the social worker that you want to be prescreened to determine your eligibility for financial assistance from FOCC

    * Meet with your social worker, bringing with you all of your relevant bills and other information

    * Discuss a plan with your social worker for dealing with these matters in the future without FOCC assistance

If You are Eligible to Apply for FOCC Emergency Assistance

    If your social worker determines that you are eligible to apply for aid:

    * Your social worker will complete the funding application with you and will submit it to FOCC on your behalf

    * Your application will be reviewed and processed by FOCC as quickly as reasonably possible, usually within three business days

    * If your application is approved, FOCC will deliver a check to your social worker

    * Your social worker will deliver the check to you for redelivery to the appropriate third party (for example, the holder of your home mortgage)