Friends of the Clinical Center 

FOCC is Friends Helping Friends


Statement of Our Purpose and Vision

FOCC provides financial assistance for patients participating in research protocols at the National Institutes of Health.

FOCC's goal is to enhance the lives of Clinical Center patients and their family members by relieving them of emergency financial burdens related to their participation in clinical trials.

The Role of the Social Worker

Because the social workers at the National Institutes of Health work directly with the patients and their family members from day-to-day, social workers are well situated to determine who among Clinical Center patients need (and qualify for) emergency financial assistance from FOCC.

Each social worker is able to evaluate the specific circumstances of the patient and the patient's family on a case-by-case basis, and to determine if the filing of an application with FOCC for financial or other aid would be appropriate.

If the social worker determines that such aid might be warranted, the social worker will help the patient complete FOCC's application form. The social worker then will file the application with FOCC on behalf of the patient.

If FOCC approves the application, the social worker will deliver a check (or checks) to the patient drawn by FOCC to the order of the appropriate third party (or third parties)


How to Apply

For information how to apply, look at AID

FOCC's History

FOCC was created in 1984 as a non-profit, tax exempt charitable corporation. Its purpose always has been to fulfill the charitable mission for patients of the Clinical Center.

FOCC's Governance

FOCC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of individuals who now are (or who have been) affiliated with the Clinical Center and/or the National Institutes of Health. These individuals support FOCC by volunteering their time and experience for FOCC.

The Board of Directors is assisted by volunteer officers who carry out the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors.

FOCC currently has one salaried employee -- the Executive Director. This person assists FOCC on a day-to-day basis by administering and implementing the daily affairs of the charity. The Executive Director is available to you by telephone (301-402-0193) or by email Executive Director-Heidi Grolig

What People Say About FOCC

To learn about the sentiments of people who have been helped by FOCC, read their comments at Testimonials.