Friends of the Clinical Center 

FOCC is Friends Helping Friends


FOCC offers many emergency services to patients and their family members.

These emergency services are intended to enhance the quality of life for the Clinical Center patient and the patient’s family members while the patient is participating in the research protocol. To that end:

  • FOCC financial services make emergency funds available to the patient or the patient's family for approved purposes consistent with FOCC's charitable purposes and mission

Financial Aid

FOCC offers emergency financial aid to assist Clinical Center patients and their families.
Financial aid can be, among other things: 

  • a mortgage payment or a rent payment
  • a car loan payment, an automobile insurance premium payment, and a car repair payment
  •  medical bills
  • a TTY telephone for a patient who has limited communication abilities
  • a telesensory reading machine for a patient who required this device to keep her job
  • an internet service subscription for a patient who has limited mobility as well as the loss of speech in order to enhance the quality of life for that patient by helping her maintain contact with the outside world
  • payment of the registration and attendance fee to a conference to assist a patient’s well-being prior to the patient undergoing brain surgery
  • the travel arrangements for a family member who accompanied a child home from the Clinical Center after the child had undergone a bone marrow transplant procedure


These are just a few of the ways that FOCC has provided emergency or special one-time aid to needy patients and their family members.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance from FOCC or would like to learn more about FOCC’s financial assistance program, contact the social worker who is assigned to you, and also click $Aid $

Non-Financial Aid


FOCC sponsors regular, repeated events as well as occasional special events. All patients and their families are welcome and encouraged to attend the events and to participate in them.

Proceeds from various activities at the events are used to further FOCC’s charitable work.

You can see a descriptive example of past FOCC events as well as a calendar of scheduled upcoming and proposed FOCC Events at Events.